Infanterie Regiment 58
ir58.de (Clan-Page)

A small presentational and informational homepage for the Infanterie Regiment 58 gaming community featuring Steam OpenID authentication, a custom calendar solution and a Discord bot.

DSG Gaming
dsg-gaming.de (Social-Page)

An information and social page for the Deutsche Squad Gemeinschaft with Steam OpenID authentication, a full custom forum, custom calendar, statistics tracking, Discord bot, RemoteConfig & RCON support.

DSG Gaming
SkyStatus.eu (Status-Board)

An free to use modern monitoring solution for web services, game servers and a big variety of protocols.

DSG Gaming
Kel X Music (Artist-Page)

Responsive music and lifestyle artist Page with an interactive gallery, acustom music video player with lyrics and much more.

Heless Shop
Heless.de (E-Commerce)

A completely custom and tailored e-commerce solution supporting produt imports from various systems, advanced filter system and a responsive design using modern technologies developed for Blackmite.

SkyCraft WordPress-Theme
SkyCraft (WordPress)

A simple, responsive WordPress theme for minecraft oriented websites and servers.

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ModernBlog (WordPress)

A lightweight, HTML5 & CSS3 blog theme for WordPress that allows easy customization and various pre-made color palettes.

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Metro (WordPress)

Metro is an Metro UI oriented WordPress theme for blogs and news sites with an integrated portfolio.

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SouthPark Downloader

An command-line application that allows the user to download and merge all episodes of South Park from southpark.de automatically 

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mbits imaging Homepage

A small homepage i have designed and implemented for the mbits imaging GmbH during my work experience. It is based on HTML5 & CSS3 offering one-page designs.

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Star Conquest

A sci-fi browser game based on 2moons. The frontend is based on Bootstrap 3. It features a 2D solar map with ships, 2D planet view and animated battles.

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Hotel Manager

A 2D arcarde hotel managing game. Build your own retro style Hotel and try to reach the five stars.

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WordPress Server Status

A leightweight wordpress plugin that provides shortcodes, visual composer and default widgets that display server information such as address, name, players, map image, scores and much more.

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Sandbox RPG

Evolved from previous projects this is an multiplayer sandbox featuring RPG elements. It is planned to feature large connected open world zones.

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Op4.1 MIS

Prototype for a responsive Web-Service serving as a overview of operation rooms, patient data and critical information as part of the OP4.1 MIS project, winner of the German Innovation Winner Award 2020 & German Innovation Gold Award 2020.

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Multiplayer Surival

A open world mulltiplayer survival game created in unity. It utilizes default unet networking and features destroyable objects, building and NPC's.