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Hello! My name is Patrick and I am a software engineer. I have a passion for interactive web technologies and cross-platform development.

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Deutsche Squad Gemeinschaft Project Mockup
SkyStatus Project Mockup
Kel X Music Project Mockup

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Special Skills


I have been working on UI and UX for various projects and I am familiar with technologies and frameworks such as Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, React(Native), Livewire, AlpineJS and many more!


I have experience in creating reliable and performant backends for highly interactive web services with frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony. I love to tailor solutions to fit precise needs and integrate into their environment.


I have been able to obtain experience with the Laravel framework by using it for a lot of projects such as SquadMS or DSG. I am interested in developing modular and performant solutions using the TALL-stack.

Web Development

I have a passion for clean, minimal web design and I am always interested in the newest web technologies.